The new wall ovens from Miele's Generation 7000 have arrived! With features like TasteControl, FoodView and MotionReact, these built-in ovens have intelligent assistants on board, to help you avoid mishaps and creating space for what is most important: Creativity and more time for yourself & guests.

TasteControl prevents the overcooking of food

TasteControl from Miele (Photo: Miele)
What? The TasteControl feature in your oven prevents overcooking of your food.
How? At the end of a cooking programme, the oven door opens automatically to allow the temperature to drop fast.
Result? Your food is done and does not come out darker or dry by continuing to bake in the residual heat of the oven.
Did you know; TasteControl is a world first by Miele!
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FoodView, an in-oven camera

FoodView from Miele (Photo: Miele)
What? An in-oven camera.
How? With FoodView your oven creates an image of the food cooking once a minute. These true-to-colour images in HD quality are then sent to the Miele@Home app on your smartphone or tablet PC.
Result? With FoodView you keep an eye on the oven, you are in full control of temperature and cooking times and there is no need to be in the kitchen.
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MotionReact the oven anticipates the user's next move

MotionReact from Miele (Photo: Miele)
What? Your oven predicts your next move.
How? With MotionReact your oven automatically switches on when the user comes close. When you are near your oven turns its light on, so you can see your food more clearly. The oven can deactivate the ringtone at the end of a programme when it notices you're approaching.
Good to know: The user has full control over which of these functions is activated. Technically speaking, MotionReact relies on infra-red sensors in the machine's control panel. These sensors respond to movement at a distance of between around 20 and 40 cm of the oven.
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More brilliant light

What? A cross-product specification.
How? With BrilliantLight, Miele has placed long-lasting, low-resource LED lighting on an increasing number of oven models. Depending on the model and product, the light can be located on the ceiling or in the side panels.
Result? A better way to view your food cooking.
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Inheriting the best from its predecessors

Miele's Generation 7000 series is characterised by quality and a wide range of features which made the previous series so unique. A few examples listed below:
M-Touch and M-Touch S controls, with its roots in the philosophy of smartphones, these appliances can be operated quickly and intuitively by touching or swiping the large clear text touch screen.
In demanding modes such as low-temperature cooking, food probes are an indispensable aid. Check out Miele's ovens with a wireless probe!

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