double oven designs

This combination: Bosch, Siemens, Neff and Miele appliances

Do you have a large family? Or do you often have family and friends over for dinner? Then you'll love to have more than one oven in your kitchen. Being able to prepare multiple dishes at the same time not only allows you to prepare more diverse meals, it also gives you more time to spend with your guests.

Looking for a double oven?

Classic double ovens on the market today are often outdated and have fewer features than the newer single ovens. Most of them won't offer you the advantage modern ovens have to offer, such as pyrolytic cleaning, steam cooking, microwaving, etc. Because of this double ovens are no longer available in most of Europe and have been replaced with a combination of compact ovens. By combining multiple individual ovens you can basically create your own double, triple or even quadruple oven!

Which style are you looking for?

Not only entertainers and large families love to have more than one oven in the kitchen. Also style gurus are going wild for kitchens with multiple ovens, the trendy colours and beautiful lined panorama designs give your kitchen just that little bit more.

Are you going for the classic oven tower or the more modern panorama design?

Which style are you? Oven tower or Panoramic design

The combination left: 60cm Bosch oven, espresso and a small warming drawer
The combination right: a Bosch compact oven (45cm) and a 60 Bosch oven

Which colour do you like?

Bosch white tower Bosch stainless steel tower Bosch black tower

ImportAppliances offers a wide range of colours for all our brands: Stainless steel, White and Black.
More brands and styles available!

Which appliances can be combined?

double oven designs Siemens white

This combination: Siemens 60cm oven, Siemens espresso, Siemens compact oven 45cm and two small drawers

You can combine all our product.
Pyrolytic ovens, espresso machines, warming drawers, steam ovens, combo microwave and conventional ovens, … The sky is the limit.

A few suggestions

Miele panoramic design

Siemens oven square

Neff Seamless oven tower

Siemens Oven Tower Miele oven square Siemens panoramic design  


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